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User Guides     Adobe PDF File  2023  OCHPP User Guide                                 

This Interactive Maps service is new and under further development, so additional maps will be added to this page gradually over the next several months. Viewers are encouraged to give our team any feedback and suggestions related to this and any other content of our portal by emailing us at: HealthProfiles@smh.ca. For more information visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.
Ontario Conversion Files

As of December 2023, to obtain a copy of the OCHPP conversion (cross-walk) file, please contact us at healthprofiles@smh.ca. Legacy versions of the file (one each for Census 2016 geographies and for Census 2011 geographies), used for OCHPP data generated prior to September 2023, are now located in the archives section of our website.

Presentations and Reports

November 17, 2023
OCHPP All-Partners Meeting
  Adobe PDF File  2023  OCHPP All-Partners Meeting, Agenda November 17, 2023
  Adobe PDF File  2023  Report: Access Alliance, November 17, 2023
  Adobe PDF File  2023  Publication: Characteristics Of Self Rated Oral Health Among Syrian Refugee Parents In Ontario' available here:

https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijd/2023/4136520/ in the International Journal of Dentistry | 24 Nov 2023 | Volume 2023 | Article ID 4136520 | https://doi.org/10.1155/2023/4136520.

October 18, 2023
Presentation by: OCHPP Team
  Microsoft PowerPoint File  2023  Presentation for: OH Central

August 15, 2023
Presentation by: Dr. Flora Matheson
  Microsoft PowerPoint File  2023  Presentation for: Public Health Ontario


March 25, 2020
OCHPP All-Partners Meeting
  Adobe PDF File  2020  OCHPP All-Partners Meeting, Agenda March 25, 2020
  Adobe PDF File  2020  Presentation: Toronto Public Health, March 25, 2020
  Adobe PDF File  2020  Presentation: TC LHIN – Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) Seniors Developments in East Toronto OHT

February 04, 2020
Meeting with Muhammad Mamdani and OCHPP Team – February 4, 2020
  Adobe PDF File  2020  An Overview of The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership Project.


November 15, 2019
Feedback Thursday Presentation. Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) Team:
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Geography, Place and Health: An Overview of The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership Project.

April 30, 2019
GeoHealth Network Conference, University of Toronto. Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) Team:
Using Local Area Geography To Define Health and Health-Impacting Indicators
  Microsoft PowerPoint File  2019  An Overview of The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership.

January 23, 2019
Wellesley Jr Fellows & Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) Team:
Introduction to the OCHPP Website and the Ontario Marginalization (ON-Marg) Index
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Agenda: An Overview of OCHPP website and ON-Marg index.
  Adobe PDF File  2019  An example of how the data can be used for presentation and planning West Sub-Region Toronto.
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Presentation: Ontario Marginalization Index and PHO`s interactive health equity tools.

February 01, 2019
OCHPP All-Partners Meeting
  Adobe PDF File  2019  OCHPP All-Partners Meeting, Agenda February 01, 2019
  Adobe PDF File  2019  OCHPP All-Partners Meeting: Work Plan 2018-2019 Toronto Central LHIN, Work Plan 2018-2019 Central LHIN
  Adobe PDF File  2019  OCHPP All-Partners Meeting, Presentation February 01, 2019
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Population Health Solutions Lab Presentation: Partnering for Better Health. February 01, 2019
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Central LHIN Presentation: Central LHIN Update. February 01, 2019
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Current quantitative work at the Wellesley Institute. February 01, 2019
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Toronto Central LHIN Annual Update for 2019 OCHPP All Partners Meeting
  Adobe PDF File  2019  Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) User Survey. February 01, 2019


July 24, 2017
  Adobe PDF File  2017  Presentation for Cancer Care Ontario.

May 1, 2017
OCHPP All-Partners Meeting
  Adobe PDF File  2017  OCHPP All-Partners Meeting, Agenda
  Adobe PDF File  2017  Toronto Public Health Updates
  Adobe PDF File  2017  Toronto Central LHIN Updates
  Adobe PDF File  2017  Update on Ontario Marginalization Index
  Adobe PDF File  2017  Sub-Regions of Ontario (2017)


November 2016       Adobe PDF File  2016  All-Partners Newsletter

April 22, 2016          Adobe PDF File  2016  All-Partners Meeting

April 15, 2016          Adobe PDF File  2016  Presentation for Health Quality Ontario

March 04, 2016        Adobe PDF File  2016  Presentation for Health Quality Ontario

October 30, 2015     Adobe PDF File  2015  Use of TCHPP Data in Community Health Planning

March 2014             Adobe PDF File  2014  Using Toronto Community Health Profiles Partnership Data: A Focus on Health Links

February 2014         Adobe PDF File  2014  High Cost Health Care Users Presentation


  Adobe PDF File   2023    Nature-Based Climate Solutions (NBCS) Siting Tool: Phase 1 Pilot Study Report Prepared by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for Canadian Wildlife Service         
  Adobe PDF File  2022   Ontario Marginalization Index Survey of Users         
  Adobe PDF File  2021   From Patient Feedback Survey to Organizational Practice: Improving the Relevancy and Translatability of Findings
        (Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services)

  Adobe PDF File   2019   T.O. Health Check: An Overview of Toronto`s Population Health Status

  Adobe PDF File  2017   Taylor Massey Neighbourhood Community Health Needs Assessment
        (Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services)

  Adobe PDF File  2017   Geo-mapping of the demographic and clinical attributes of the clients of Access Alliance across TC LHIN Sub-regions

  Adobe PDF File  2017   NEIGHBOURHOOD PROFILE: TAYLOR MASSEY (Access Alliance, Multicultural Health and Community Services)

  Adobe PDF File  2016   Equity Indicator (Access Alliance, Multicultural Health and Community Services)

       2016   Toronto Central LHIN: Primary Care Strategy

  Adobe PDF File  2015   Annual Activity Report 2014-2015 (Access Alliance, Multicultural Health and Community Services)

  Adobe PDF File  2015   Evidence-based Health Advocacy Work: Practical Realities and Strategies
        (Using Research to do Powerful Health Advocacy. Yogendra B. Shakya, PhD. PDF: 3.71MB)

  Adobe PDF File  2015   Low Wages, No Benefits  (Expanding Access to Health Benefits for Low Income Ontarians. PDF: 788KB)

  Adobe PDF File  2015   First Peoples, Second Class Treatment
        (The role of racism in the health and well-being on Indigenous peoples in Canada. PDF: 2.19MB)

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